Thursday, June 27, 2013

I did it again! (no oops on this)

I went to bootcamp this morning and did my fitness assessment. I took 2 minutes off my mile time again! and I'm 15 seconds faster than last year. My arms are stronger (did 10 more pushups), and even got more burpees (by 2)...5 K is tomorrow.

I read The Wave by Todd Strasser yesterday. It is an interesting book. Realistic fiction, 138 pages. I have always wondered that same question that was posed by the students in the book, but I never wondered about whether it was possible. I know that if you refuse to accept history, you will repeat it.

Monday, June 24, 2013

What's new this week?

Well...Michelle killed us today in boot camp. We were breathing heavy, ready for our final week. We are looking forward to our fitness assessment Thursday and our 5 K on Friday!!!! Yay.....zzzzzz. I am so tired!

I've finished 3 of my 5 technology classes, and learned a LOT. I've got 2 more in late July, plus a field trip pre-visit!

This is not our picture (obviously)
 because I am too tired to get up and
download the pictures to this computer ...
We are about to start "fun" season. We have family from California coming, and a camping trip coming up! Andy and I went on a hike with MB's group up the Narrows. This time, I made it all the way up Orderville Canyon to the waterfall - beautiful!

Been reading...mostly listening as I exercise and drive back and forth.
#9  The Circle Opens: Magic Steps by Tamora Pierce. I still love her amazing! Fantasy, 264 pages.

#10  The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Now I'm going to have to read all his stuff. I love the short, almost brusque voice in this book. I'm about 2/3 through this now - 318 pages, realistic fiction, good main character. There is a movie filming...should be interesting.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Updates for the week: Reading and Bootcamp

Here's the scoop on my latest reading...I'm not counting the books I listen to. They are on my Goodreads, but I won't count them here.

The Gray Wolf Throne (Seven Realms, #3)#4 The Gray Wolf Throne, Seven Realms series #3 by Cinda Williams Chima - Again, one of my favorite authors. I love her characters! The strong dual main characters are great... Hardback from the library, 517 pages, fantasy.

#5 Reached, Matched trilogy final book by Ally Condie - The hold feature from the library is awesome! I had requested this book before, but was too busy to pick it up. So, someone (hopefully many) got to read this before it came back to me. Dystopian science fiction, 512 pages, hardback. As a final, it wrapped up most of my questions...good, but not great.

#6 Stork by Wendy Delsol - Okay, so first I checked out an audio (CDs) book from the library called Frost. I couldn't tell from the cover that it was part 2 in a trilogy/series. So, about 15 minutes into listening, I realized I needed the first book. I went to the library that day and found the book. It was a quick read. Those of you who know me know that I LOVE things with Norse mythology (Vikings). This series is based on those! Makes you cold just reading some of it, perfect for the summer! Mythological fantasy (think Percy Jackson style), 355 pages, hardcover.

#7 Uncommon Criminals, Heist Society #2 by Ally Carter - Her books are so much fun! Lots of travel to exotic places and art in know me! I like that in this series, the main character is clearly REALLY good at what she does, and yet, she is insecure and confused. 298 pages, mystery, hardcover.

#8 A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly - I mentioned this in my Goodreads review, but I like the voice this author writes with, but I think I liked her book Revolution better. Historical fiction/mystery, 396 pages, paperback.

This makes is 12 "books" according to our page # does put me a little slow, but I should do some good reading this weekend.

In other news...we are 2 weeks through bootcamp. I am officially exhausted, although still weirdly considering riding with Andy in the canyon tonight. Tonight is my "cheat meal" for the week. Dinner in Springdale...YUM!!!!  Also, after Pinteresting several banana and peanut butter recipes, I made a yummy smoothie this morning. 1 banana, 2 tblsp Smart Balance PB, spinach, protein powder, skim milk and a few ice cubes - SOOO good! And I was wrong, you totally can't taste the spinach!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bootcamp Week 2 2013

I missed yoga last night. As I was soaking in my sore muscle relief salts, I got a text from Nikki - "Coming?" and my heart sank. I haven't seen Nik in a couple of weeks...I miss her! But the mandate for sleep overrides the need for yoga and giggles.
Here are my new acquisitions this bootcamp season:
1) a couple of new workout clothing items...don't have to do laundry every couple of days!
2) Wintercrest - it's awesome, except that it gets everywhere unless you've wrapped up tight over the area...
3) a foam roller - this is also pretty darn awesome! It works out the soreness as you roll over it...ahhhh.
I've learned that I have to run just over 1700 yards before the pain center and whining shut off in my brain. After that, I just put my head up and go....why would anyone want to do that? I will run for bootcamp, and I will bike for me.
Feeling pretty accomplished today:
Dog walk
Breakfast - plain oatmeal with 1 tbsp honey and 1/2 cup blueberries!
Got laundry started (washing dog bed covers...Sarah's getting groomed today for the 1st time!)
Washed & chopped veggies and distributed fruit into cups for the rest of the week - see my "selfie" to the right!
Swept house
Vacuumed rug
Did dishes
Turned on self-clean on oven (it's smelly, but we're running the circulating fan)
Officed...this includes mail, shredding, computer biz - this is my last computer task.
I will now shower, take Sarah down to Grammie's for her appointment, come home, and SLEEP!
Tomorrow - speedwork...

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Boot Camp has begun... month when I actually get more than 7 hours of sleep! And yesterday was the first day - fitness assessment and paperwork. I should weigh myself...I'm not sure about pictures...
I have my buddy, Monica, that I met last summer in boot camp. She is great, really got me through the running last year. One thing that I was really proud of was my 5K time at the end last year. We didn't do a "before" 5K last year...but we ran one today! My time was 42:26...about 5 minutes slower than my 5K time last year. Considering how much I HATE running, that's not bad...I think I went numb about 2 1/2 miles. Didn't really hurt after that...I'm proud that I have changed my way of running - no more toes - so that I don't have such shin-splints. But my Achilles are sore this year...I feel guilty about the dogs when I get home, so we go for a walk right away. They love a guaranteed walk each day! Except for class days...