Friday, July 13, 2012

What have I been doing with the past 6 weeks?

Okay, settle in...this could be long!
1) There were 2 GT classes (which are now part of the endorsement) that weren't offered when I went through. So, to spend a little more quality time with a great mentor (Dr. Killeen), I took both. 2 weeks, back to back, 8-5. June 1 through June 15.  It was an amazing experience! There were incredible teachers in the classes (small group, but we were tight by the end), and I have to admit that I got some inspiration as well as some validation.

2) Grandma VanderVoort, down to parents, aunts & uncles. As far as I know everyone is relatively healthy. But, Kate and I flew up to MN the weekend of the 15th for the service. Got to hang with the cousins who didn't head out to the lake right afterward...Dane has some pipes on him, people! I love my cousin Karen (and her husband), and we got to meet Chris (sp?) - so sweet! It was a 48 hour trip...too fast!

boys...what can you do?
3) Back for another week (okay, 4 days) of class...but with a twist! This was Utah Core Academy, and Nikki and Maddy were with me. This was the easy part of that week (although it was too loud in one room, and kind of cold in the next, but what's perfect?). UGH! I like the new focus of the standards, on research and deeper learning, but "they" try to make everything too bulky. Keep it LIGHT people!

4) BOOT CAMP...yes, me. Nikki convinced me (back in April, when I was feeling exhausted and chubby) to sign up. I will freely admit that for the first 2 weeks, I was mean to Nikki. I said AWFUL things...but she knows that I think she's pretty... (see the next post)

5) Family Time!  Megan & Madison have been here since June1, staying with MB. We see them about once a week. Brethours came for a visit Jun 30- Jul 5.  We "hung out" as an extended family most of that time. We hiked the Narrows (part of it) together, we had BBQs, a quick trip to Bryce Canyon, and we did fireworks...6 days of fun, over too fast! Now we have 2 camping trips planned: Great Basin with the Whites and Navajo Lake (maybe) with the Maranhaos (grown-up trip).

6) Bullhead City? - While I've been sweating and complaining, Andy's been working at Zion 5 days a week and doing tours for Buddy (Mild2Wild Rhino Tours) on his "days off". He's collected a jar of 'fun money' for us. I'm trying to talk him into taking Jul 30-31 and going to the river.

Boot-y Camp

Why boot camp? I'm not into self-torture, or even self-sacrifice (except for work - thanks, Parental Units)...I HATE pain! But a line had been crossed. After losing 38 pounds since July 2010, I had put back 11 pounds - Fall 2011, not pretty. I needed a jump start. So I did it...I paid my money (okay, we had a coupon and I only had to pay $50) and told Nikki I would meet her in the park at 5:30 am on Monday, June 18.  WHAT WAS I THINKING?

It HURT!!! Everywhere, a lot, all the time...but I forced myself to never puke. I know "real" athletes do it all the time, but I just couldn't. That would have been the breaking point. Our workout was different (and tough) every morning for 4 weeks. I have NEVER been this tired. But there are results people...check this out:

                (May 24) June 18    -      July 13
Run 1 Mile     12:24                  10:24
Push Ups      12                        23 (this was timed)
Bicep          13.25                   12.0 (these are inches)
Waist          32.75                   32.0
Belly          37.75                   35.75
Hips           43.25                   42.00
Thigh         22.5                    21.25 (Total inches lost = 7)
Weight        174                      166

Believe it or not, the thing I am most proud of is the mile run.  The first day, I could only run about 1/2 of it.  After 4 weeks of running (most mornings the mile was part of our "warm-up"), I took 2 WHOLE MINUTES off my time and could all but about 15 steps (in the middle) of it. We did take before and after pictures, but I don't have them, so the head shots are as close as it gets. If you take into account the lighting differences, and turn your head a little to the side, I think you can see the difference in my face....

A few of the inspirational ladies that I have sweated with over the past 4 weeks, are going to do another round! However, I have 2 camping trips and school will be starting before it is over. One of the other great ladies in my life left me a message in my daily food journal...thanks Kate!

I have committed to: 3 weeks of circuit training through Phazes (same gym) and taking yoga and Zumba classes. Once school starts, I will do circuit training in the evenings (no way to do it before school when I have to be 40 miles away by 7:15 am) with some of these wonderful ladies, occasionally taking a yoga or Zumba class.

Andy says it's back to the bikes time - I went out last weekend and wore the dogs out! - and we will finally hit some of those big hikes this fall. On the list? Observation Point, East and West Rim trails, building up to a rim-to-rim of the Grand Canyon (no permit required if you do it in under 24 hours).

Here's the deal: I feel great, and I still do want to lost another 16-18 pounds. I think that it will be a good place for me.