Monday, August 24, 2009


I have strep throat!!! Do you believe it? So now I'm going to be out at LEAST 3 days, if not 4, from school. Fellow teachers - - - - feel my pain!


By the way, Happy Birthday Katie!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


New teeth, new hair, new clothes...must be time for SCHOOL!

Seriously, here you go, Mom.

School's are good...not enough sleep...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ah, the End of Summer...

This will be a long post, I have tons of pictures here...
Andy took his test for his math class on 7/28, so we headed out for our camping extravaganza on 7/29. Since we had a shortened time frame, we stayed "in Utah" for this year. We had a great time and found some new spots to return to... Here are some of the highlights:
First camping spot - Fish Lake - Mackinaw Campground, Site 18. (Site 16 is ROCKIN' for tents, but there was someone there before us. Our site was great tho', at the top of the circle, back in the trees.) NOT Sarah's favorite, just because she had to be on her leash. We were there Wed-Mon and did some great hikes, took Sarah swimmin' a lot, and found some awesome dispersed camping and trails.Monday - we pulled into Torrey, UT, just outside of Capitol Reef National Park/Monument. Having been there at Halloween, we had found a motel that is pet-friendly. So we showered, did laundry, had pizza at the Patio, and shakes at Slackers (also great burgers for lunch). Slept in a bed for one night, then off to Hell's Backbone Road.
Second half of camping - Blue Spruce Campground, just off Hell's Backbone - The road is great...better than our own dirt road for most of it. Andy took pictures at the bridge (WAY high up). We found the campground around noon, 6 spots, one site with people (who were packing up). Latrines, water, bear cabinets, lots of trees, a running creek, and a fence around the whole thing! (we think it was to keep cattle out) Sarah loved it, she "logged" the creek, and ran around the whole place since we were the only ones there. We did some over-the-road exploring, and took Sarah swimmin' every day (ask Andy about the kids who caught a duck), and survived a LOUD thunderstorm Thursday morning.
We headed home Saturday through Tropic and Bryce and Coral Pink, watching everyone else going the opposite direction. We got everything unpacked, checked email (seriously people, 80 messages in 10 days?), checked snail mail, did laundry, SHOWERED again, and had a house full of dogs. School starts tomorrow for me, so I'll probably MIA for a little bit. Happy August! This adventure was brought to you by Moose Drool... [it tastes MUCH better than it sounds ;) ]