Sunday, August 10, 2008

Starting fresh...

It's that time of is starting. We have finished the house, taken our first vacation not associated with a family event in 10 years, and Andy is considering another change of career. It's time to start over, at least on my calendar. So I'm attempting to simplify somewhat...combining Sarah's blog and the house blog, and including other information about the humans that care for Tempest and Sarah.

Here are some pictures from our soon as we hang some wall art, I'll take more pictures and post them. You'll notice the bear in the middle picture. This poor guy was just trying to decide where to go when he crossed the footpath. Everyone kept their cool (even Sarah) and he went on his way. We had something in the order of 600 pictures on our trip (don't you love digital photography)...I may keep using them for a while. Sarah had a blast, but now that we're home, she's adjusting to being on her own. Apparently, while I thought she was doing fabulously on her own , she's been spending time with the neighbor...getting walks and playtime with her puppies.