Friday, May 27, 2011

Remembering the little things...

You should see my planner/calendar in my purse...this only helps if I remember to look at it!
I put the things on the whiteboard that anyone coming to my house should know about the next month...ditto to the above ending.
I went to Old Navy and found some cute things on clearance...and forgot to use the coupon in my purse.

I forgot to put Abby's blog address on here...
I just looked at today's update and while I was reading Michelle's words, Imagination (Glee Cast version) was playing from my blog music in the t shirt is soaked from tears (there are no kleenex in here).

So far, 48 hours off of school...hours of relaxation? the 2 I spent in the bathtub last night reading... how sad is that?


Saturday, May 21, 2011

I am now officially...

A mountain biker! This will shock the Meisel family from the reunion about 8 years ago, but I've come around. Now, there are NO competitions in my future, but last weekend Andy and I got up Saturday morning and rode about 15 miles, up to the Gooseberry trails area, and around the windmill, then out to the overlook (if you've been to visit, we've probably taken you up there). We felt so good that we decided to do it again this week... we took a different trail out to the side of Gooseberry that overlooks the highway - about 18 miles. I'm riding up hills, over slick rock, and through rocky, muddy patches. Andy's a great coach! I'm getting better at downhills, but it's still a scary proposition. Today we saw TONS of other bikers (nice weather for the first time this week) and even got complements on our bikes...I believe the word was "sexy". Funny, huh?

Had a tough week at school, beyond the normal "last full week" nonsense. We had a student who collapsed during PE Wednesday (one of my girls from 6th period) and she's currently in ICU at Primary Children's Hospital (SLC), and on the heart transplant list. Tuesday she was just a normal, happy, bright little girl... very sad. Anyway, the students at our school had a choir concert on Thursday night, and they did a "little" fundraiser for Abby - $2000.00! They have a goal of $3500 by next Wednesday. We are sooooo proud of them! The part that makes it almost as hard is that her mom is a (GREAT, GT interested, fun) teacher at our school. She was actually not at school on Wednesday because her older daughter was scheduled for knee surgery...our hearts hurt for her!

Andy was out camping on the Arizona Strip (aka Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument) with his internship team, collecting seeds! He goes out again this week...

We are going to an open house for David West (photographer extraordinaire!) this evening in Springdale, and then to a concert in the amphitheater there for Lieto! Voices, a choral group I'm considering joining in the fall.

Hope you all are doing well and getting ready for a great (but busy) summer! :)