Thursday, April 28, 2011

If life's a beach...where's mine?

We're on the downslope, folks, of another school year. My inner monologue (as all teachers will attest) is now:
I will not hurt the children...
I will not hurt the children...
I will smile, and breathe, and tell myself that it will be okay.

For those of you who are not teachers, don't even act all appalled or innocent! You remember what you were like at the end of the school year...

Lots of changes coming at you:
1) Andy will NOT be in school for the next 2 1/2 months. He will not be available - heck, he won't even be HOME - but he will be getting credits and a change of scenery that hopefully will be good for the mind, body, and spirit. He's got an internship with the Park Service/BLM office.

2) I will finally be teaching a Gifted class next year. (seriously terrified) It is one thing to talk about it, but a whole other to be a ground breaker...keep your fingers crossed.

3) Blogger has made some BIG changes. I was NOT loving the new Design area, but they've added WAY cool fonts! So, I'm feeling better about expressing my creativity (we all know there's not a lot there).

4) I am still working on my weight-loss goal...46 pounds is my target. I'm still stuck at 39-40 for now. ZUMBA and water-aerobics, here I come!

5) I am driving to TX for 2 weeks this summer. So psyched! And already have maps, budget, and hotel stays booked...can't be spontaneous in this economy!

Anyway, I'm doing this on my lunch hour at school, so I'll have to do pictures later...

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mea Culpa

Yes, I let an entire month pass without an update...but to be fair, it was a very busy month! We began slowly, with a good routine. However, things soon caught up with us. Andy had mid-terms right before our joint spring break...and all that studying (and not sleeping) did take it's toll. Everyone in Southern Utah (so it seems) had been sick - seriously, the school district reported massive absences due to illness beginning Feb. 4 - and Andy came down with the "death cold". He tried to rest before Mom and Dad got here, but it just wasn't going to leave him alone. So, he was trying to rest, and study, and help Dad with a "minor" drainage project in the front... Mom and I puttered around the inside, doing some spring cleaning and rearranging. They left (so Mom could make closing time at the quilt supply store in Mckinney) and I went down for the count. Well, it's officially been 3 weeks since then and neither of us feel great... and MB came to visit and drop off Holly for some doggy-sitting. I refuse to take responsibility for her sickness. She MUST have brought it with her. Anyway, no trip to the ranch for her...she's spending her spring break with us, trying to recuperate.
I also refuse to accept that this will be my spring. It was cold and rainy for a long time, now it wants to be practically 90 degrees! What???? Well, I guess I don't get a vote on that one... but we will continue bravely on, hoping for reasonable temperatures and not too much rain. MB and I have been watching DIY's "Crashers" all morning... I may take to cruising local hardware stores in an attempt to get "picked up" for the Yard version. Happy SPRING!