Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

We (Andy, Krista, MaryBeth, and Sarah) safely made the trek to Greeley, CO, on Sunday (12/19). It was about 12 1/2 hours there, with no snow on the road, and no major stoppages, but wind going uphill. Sarah loved traveling with her Grammie and personal masseuse. At the White's of Colorado, we took the kids sledding twice, once up to Estes Park, and once just down the street from the house. It did snow about a foot on Wednesday. Andy, MB, and I went to visit my Aunt Mary and Steve in Berthoud. Then we had lunch at Culver's (treat from MN)! MB, Tammie, and I went to see New Moon again...second time for them, third time for me. Christmas was good - lots of fun with Megan and Madison. We left MB in Greeley for another week and headed home.

One day in bed, then on Wednesday, Andy and I went to get some groceries and do some errands. Mom and Dad came skidding (literally) into town that evening. Our roads are not paved, not scraped, and definitely not salted or gravelled. We do have a couple of inclines, and some 90 degree turns on the way out to the house. So, we got a call saying that they couldn't make it up a hill. We headed over to help, but the roads were REALLY SLICK! Fortunately, the guy whose house was right there had a tractor, and he came out and scraped up the snow for traction, and SHAZAAM! we were on our way.

We had a mini New Year's eve dinner/party. Only 8 people, but a fun group. We are recovering and computing and sudokuing today. Happy New Year's everyone! May 2010 bring you health, family, and not too many bumps. I'm back to work on the 4th, and Andy starts classes on the 11th.