Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pre-Thanksgiving Checklist

So...we made it to MaryBeth's house. All the animals acted like they'd been starved for days...drama queens! You know how when you travel there's always stuff left behind? It's inevitable that something gets left, and then you have to talk about it and decide how important it really is. I mean, is it like going camping without sleeping bags and pillows, or is it like camping without a spatula? So I've decided that you can't go anywhere without something being left behind. What are we missing? Here's the list: my phone chargers (car and regular), dvd movies for bedtime (MB has some good ones), and chairs (the living room couch has been sent to a new home).

But all will be well... I turned the phone off to conserve the battery. I moved the plastic off one of the chairs to sit here and type. The heat is on in the house, and the dogs are playing...
What else happens at the holidays? Well, hopefully we can stave off any serious illnesses, but we do both have a little congestion.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

News from Hurricane, UT...

Andy and I have been attending James' (#21) youth football games the last couple of months. We've really enjoyed watching (and cheering) these young men play. They put a lot of hard work in and made it to the Championship Game for their age group undefeated. (These pictures are from their playoff game 11/14.) Unfortunately, they lost a heartbreaker last night. The game went into overtime last night at 0-0. Then each team scored in the first overtime. In double overtime, each team scored again. Going into triple overtime, it was tied 14-14. Hurricane had the first shot and scored, but missed the extra point. Their opponents scored and made the extra point. The boys (and all the fans) were sorely disappointed in the loss, but all the fans knew how hard a game it had been. (This was a little extra hard because Hurricane HS had gone to the State finals for 3A the night before - 2nd year in a row - and lost in the last 3 seconds.) But the 6th graders were the only youth team from Hurricane to make the Championship year, they'll definitely kick some more butt!

On the movie front, we double-dated to New Moon - it was great! The movie and the company, of course... Dee and Steve borrowed our copy of Twilight the night before so Steve was up to speed.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy November!

Here's the list of the lucky November birthdays:
(that I can remember right now...I just KNOW I'm forgetting several)
Grandma Meisel

Logan ( #1 Nephew!)

Lots of home maintenance going on this weekend. We also did the Butch Cassidy 5K walk this weekend with some neighbors - good times! Hurricane USA League 6th grade team won last night under the lights (go James!) - they beat my students, but it was a good game. Will post more later. Gotta bike ride and do citizenship grades for report cards - YIKES!