Friday, July 30, 2010

On the Road

Traveling with two dogs in a Corolla is not that bad... they have done really well. Andy and I are feeling the on-the-go tiredness, but having lots of fun with all the rellies. We spent a couple of days in Colorado, a night in Sioux City - thanx Skip and Cathy! - , two nights in Sioux Falls - thanx Motel 6! and trips to the Spencer Dog Park - and now up to Hector & Hutch - thanx Patti & Jerry! We had a great Vandervoort BBQ last night. The cousin's kids are all getting so big, and we met Ahnika Moon finally. So cute... as I was typing this, we stuck her in Andy's arms - talk about fear! We'll head over to Apple Valley, MN, to see Neil & Amy after we see Grandma, then we'll head north. Check in later!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Our Travel Itinerary

Here's the up-to-the-minute itinerary:
Jul 24 - UT to Greeley, CO
Jul 25 - Justin (White) b'day in CO
Jul 26 - CO to Sioux City, IA
Jul 27 - IA to Yankton, SD and Sioux Falls, SD
Jul 28 - SD to Hector, MN
Jul 29 - Family BBQ @ PJ's
Jul 30 - visit to Kociemba's?
Jul 31 - Hector to Comstock/Moorhead
Aug 1 - hanging in Moorhead area
Aug 2 - MN to Mt. Rushmore/Hot Springs?
Aug 3 - Hot Springs to Casper, WY
Aug 4 - hanging in Casper
Aug 5 - leave Casper for UT
Aug 6 - be home in UT

We are traveling in the Corolla, with 2 dogs and our trunk full of stuff...

On a more community service note.... WE ARE UP FOR A PEPSI REFRESH GRANT!!!! My friend Dee (aforementioned amazing gardener and camping buddy) put together a proposal that was accepted. We are trying to get our Firestation/Town building to be more gathering-friendly. We need EVERYONE to vote (most votes gets funded)!!! It doesn't matter if you don't live in the area, and you can vote 3 times a day (from one computer, which means I'll be voting about 12 times a day once school starts). Voting opens for the Apple Valley, UT project on August 1 and runs all month. Anyone who's ever lived in a small town understands the tribulations of getting things up and running...we've only been incorporated for about 5 years! Please go to and click on the right side (VOTE). We have "gone big", so at the top, please select the $250,000 category, or search under Neighborhoods at the top. I will inlcude the link in the side menu as well. Thanks in advance... I'll keep you updated on our progress.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I wonder...

Why would 2 people take 4 dogs camping?
Why would 6 people take 7 dogs camping?
or, as Judy would say, why camp?

Because it's priceless...
1) getting out of the heat up to Navajo Lake (natural and clean!)

2) campfires, friends, beer, and good food
3) that many dogs is just hysterical!

Diane is out of town until tomorrow (Mon), so we took the whole pack with us on the camping trip. Mojo was the only male, boy did he love that! Most of the girls were the same age/size...Sadie was the old gal, but she kept up with those whipper-snappers! The funniest thing was going back and forth with that contingent...professional dogwalkers are severely underrated! We went down to the lake and let them swim/catch sticks and balls/tire themselves out - it worked like a charm... notice I said catch sticks and balls. Sarah still refuses to believe that she is a retriever...she does it for herself, not for us (note to those of you who think all dogs will play fetch).

Andy's got finals this week, then we should be on our way. More adventures will be posted later!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's Too Quiet

MB left yesterday with Megan and Maddie, Mary and Savannah and Holly. It's too quiet.... there's 4 dogs, but they are all lying around. There's only me at home, running the washing machine...

The girls played with Jocelyn almost every day last week, coming back and forth in Jocie's Cadillac Escalade (too cute). MB and I took the girls to see Shrek on Monday before they left. It was tons of fun for 3 1/2 weeks, but I'm worn out. It doesn't look like Kate needs me next week, so I'll have to turn my attention to some classroom business. After some serious napping!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Catching Up on Activities

This post will be working backward in time, to save me from having to spend hours rearranging all these photos. We've been having a great time...the guest list has grown and shrunk...we said goodbye to Justin this morning. It was great having him here! MB and I went to see Eclipse last night - I'm still on the fence. Twilight took me a while to deal with the music, New Moon was pretty good, Eclipse I think has me wishing more for the emotion than the action - but the guys will like it... MB took the girls over to Angie's yesterday for more swimming. We've been to Zion a couple of times, Megan got her Junior Ranger activities done and will get her badge tomorrow when we go. This photo is from Monday, when we took the girls to do the Temple of Sinawava trail. Lots of squirrels and fun in the water... and I have a fellow rock hound! I introduced Megan to my favorite rock shop in Springdale.
This photo was from Saturday morning when Logan and Ivy were leaving. We got everyone together for the first ever cousin picture! Guess who just woke up?

We had a fire and s'mores on Friday night ... there was marshmallow-y goodness everywhere!
We went to the river with everybody - including the neighbor, Jocelyn - on Friday. Tubing, floating, sandcastle building, tadpole catching ... who says fun is expensive?

This was from the Great Basin Ranger station... Ivy and Logan completed their activities and had to take the Junior Ranger oath!
We had a great time in Lehman Caves - our Ranger had lots of good stories about the cave, and Logan had to be the caboose (official title - flashlight holder) and Ivy had to make sure no one touched anything. They both did great... after Ivy got used to the tunnel!

"Helping" Uncle Andy get the lantern ready... Logan was not all that keen on helping with the cooking and cleaning parts (girl's work), even though Uncle Andy laughed and told him it was camping, so it wasn't that bad. The kids did great with the dogs, walking them a bunch and helping keep the tent clean.

Whew! I think we might take Megan and Madison to Shrek today, if I can find a theater still showing it... Mari comes tomorrow and we'll have the big 4th of July at the fire station on Saturday night. Fireworks! Can't wait...