Monday, November 10, 2008

One last bit of news...

This weekend was dedicated to work. We got the fireplace stovepipe together and tried it out - works great! We also got a vehicle in the garage - a first since Surprise. We think we can get 2 in there with a little more selling, tossing, and organizing. Sunday there was rain and we went to Zion to get pictures and see waterfalls.

Halloween? Go Goblins!

Andy and I officially boycotted Halloween...we went to investigate Capitol Reef National Park. We found a lovely motel that is pet-friendly, tried to cross the surface of the moon (just kidding, but isn't that valley eerie-looking?), and discovered Goblin Valley... don't say it... you have a dirty mind! We just love traveling through this beautiful state...every time we go somewhere we find something else to wonder at.


The weekend of 10/18, we flew to Minnesota for a centennial, not a state, a person. Leona Forman Reckow turned 100 on Monday, Oct. 20. She was surrounded by friends and family...and family...and family. Here are some pictures of the many generations gathered together. While we were there, the Meisel-White-Brethour bunch made the 2nd annual trip to the Nelson Farm for pumpkin-related festivities.

Lots of catching up to do...

Since we updated last, we've had a couple of "fun" weekends, a family celebration weekend, and a WORK weekend. But LOTS has happened. Here are some pictures from the weekend of 10/25-26 when we went off-roading locally. We have been playing with our camera... the pictures are a little hazy occasionally because there were fires up north. A friendly game of chase, a steep hill, and some rock climbing... Do you believe we're lucky enough to live here?