Monday, October 18, 2010

Do you ever get nostalgic?

So, as I was petting Sarah the other day, I started to think...
1) It's going to be so sad when she gets old... (sniffles ensued)
2) Poor Otis (MB's black lab) - but he had a GREAT life with MB...she's the best dog mom I know.
3) Is this what gets people to think of themselves as "older", when they watch the little ones in their lives growing up?
4) Speaking of which, my FLOWER GIRL (Devine, best flower girl ever) will be graduating high school this year! (we will be there, by the way, cross my heart)
5) Which means, since she was 5 at the wedding, that I have been married a long time (12 years, to be exact...but we've known each other for like 23 years, so sometimes it seems longer.)
6) And did you know that my 20th high school reunion is coming up? I mean, not that I'll go, but's been 20 years??????

So, I went through some pictures last night and grabbed some that made me happy and some that made me teary-eyed...

Here's my favorite roomies - Meller and Suser (better known as Melissa and Suzanne now that they're all grown up)...we had a blast that summer!

My engagement in Vancouver...okay, so I REALLY was the last to know AND he'd been hiding the ring right in our dresser. Mom HATES this hair, but all my kids in school are fascinated that it was that long, and why don't I grow it out again? (because it was almost always in a pony-tail, and what's the point?)

Our wedding day...see the flower girl hiding in the back? And Kate and Justin are both married with 2 kids a piece....(sniff)

Our Sarah...she's 3 today. Right now she's a little upset...she'd rather be camping and have bacon on her birthday, neither of which she got.

Wasn't it October when I tried to start that great Birthdays and Anniversaries of the Month list? I think I made it for about 3 months, huh? Well, to ALL of my friends and family who were lucky enough to be joined in marriage this month or to have joined the world this month - we love you!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

This is life...

It just seems to fly by, collecting dust and dog hair as it goes. I had JUST swept on Sunday, Mom, I promise! And yet, this was the result of my Wednesday sweep...

The dogs were really happy though, because after 3 days of thunderstorms, the rain stopped. So they all went out to play.
This is why we live here, though.
And if you squint really hard, you can see the start of a rainbow, just left of center, just above the ridge. We've had some amazing rainbows lately, with all the clouds and rain. I saw a COMPLETE rainbow the other day, as I drove through Hurricane on my way home.