Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Daze

I have kind of been slacking off since everyone left. I've been reading up a storm and keeping the dog hair and dust to a minimum, but I would not consider myself overworked. Andy's in the midst of a research paper and math overload. We've kept close to home...
Random thoughts:
1) I love Andy's bbq - that rotisserie is great! We just did our second "at home" chicken. It is good with brining, just like a turkey at Thanksgiving.

2) My teeth are still straight...ha! This new retainer is awesome...I may wear it forever!

3) Looking forward to camping, but already mentally gearing up for school... the countdown on the district website says "30 Days" until the kids start back. I kid you not, check it out... http://www.wash.k12.ut.us/ and then, the day after school starts, the countdown changes to the first break or holiday we have... it's crazy!
4) I have been stalking the web for new New Moon trailers...yes, it's started again.

5) We did go see the new Transformers movie, it was okay... not as good as the first, but some amazing special effects.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's too quiet here...

Whew! Andy and I have always admired parents, but now we have "an understanding". We had a great time with the kids, and look forward to seeing them every summer (till we're not fun or cool anymore). We finished the week by baking cookies and 9 loaves of banana bread and a Wii marathon on Thursday. MB, Mary, and Holly came that afternoon.

Then Friday morning, we all went back to the river... more great times were had by all. Angie Moore came by Friday night, and we finally did s'mores, but never did put up the tent. The weather just wasn't cooperating. Saturday morning early, we packed up the kids and headed back to Vegas. When we got back on Saturday afternoon, I napped for like 3 hours! Then we went to the fireworks/bbq at the fire station. It was a big hit...again! Sunday, I tried to bake marble squares, but the universe was aligned against me... too small a pan (I think), high altitude, and something funky with the cream cheese (it didn't blend well - fat free problem?). Anyway, I will try again someday. We took a pie, watermelon, wine, and beer over to Dee and Steve's for their "I love my country, but the economy sucks" party. More fun times. Wendy and Dan were there, and I finally got to show Wendy my house.
Last but not least, I GOT MY BRACES OFF! It feels weird, but great. Have a permanent on my lowers, and didn't lose my retainer over night. Hopefully this is because I'm training my tongue, but also might be that retainer technology has improved! I'll send pictures later. Need to spruce up to take those pictures... Bye for now!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Getting to know St. George

This week has been full of new experiences.... We have taken Logan, Ivy, and Sarah to the Falls Park in Virgin (see pictures). A good time was had by all - Andy and I have been there before, but not with an almost 2 year old dog, an almost 5 year old girl, and an almost 7 year old boy. There were sand castles (okay, wet sand) built, tadpoles caught (and eaten - by Sarah), and floating. Then we did Fiesta Family Fun yesterday - mini golf, bumper boats, and go karts. 15 holes had full participation, then the heat started to pick us off from the little end. The lemonade and bumper boats really revived us all. Today, Logan, Ivy, and I went to the St. George library and town square, where they have a lazy creek and jumping fountain (water comes out of the concrete). We picked out some books, had a picnic, and they played in the water for a couple of hours (sunscreen liberally applied). Then we went to Story Time at the library. WHEW! I'm pooped! MB, Holly, and Mary come tomorrow - camp out starts soon!