Sunday, March 11, 2012

A lot has happened...

We waited a while to have winter...but we've had about 3 storms. Here's what the girls did when they "had" to be inside...
Sarah is positively depressed since MB came back and took Holly home.

I got beautiful flowers from Andy for my birthday...that boy ALWAYS comes through!
I also got this cool new car stereo (below) and it's been waiting for Spring Break to be installed. I finally killed Dad's stock 2004 Toyota stereo. Like the display color? I love the purple!
Finally, my Spring Break! I brought home 14 books. I've read 2 1/2 so far. Had a good walk for the girls this morning, then cleaned up the yard...Andy got the stereo in, did a tour for Buddy yesterday, and he and Justin are out cruisin' on Little Creek.