Thursday, December 10, 2009

News for December - WOW!

It's been a crazy few weeks. We had a wonderful time in California at Kate's for Thanksgiving (found a new wine, check out the site on the right). We cut some trees at MB's and Andy got a part to fix the waterheater.
I finally had the garage sale...we did really well, evidently. Two cars in the garage - just in time!
For massive snow!!!!! We got 10 inches or so, but it DID drift a little in the open spaces one night. Since then, it hasn't gotten above freezing, so it's still here. Andy got snow, burritos, and carrot cake for his birthday. He's been studying for finals... I've been driving the Nissan...checking to make sure it works before we head to CO for Christmas! Well, I've avoided work for long enough... enjoy the changes! Here's the Birthday shout-out:
Karen, Jim, Rhoda


Grandpa Don
Susanne (B) G