Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Good Day!

Andy and I celebrated his day off by biking in Zion so that we could have crepes at Meme's Cafe. So...up early, out of the house before 6:30. We rode from the Pizza Noodle up to the Nature Center (pit stop) and were "officially" on our trip by 7:45. Andy led me up the hill to the tunnel (out to the East end) first, and we celebrated at the top with some water and energy chews. Then we FLEW down the hill and up to the Temple of Sinawava by 9:40. I bested my time down canyon, by only having to deal with one shuttle. Andy actually drafted a bus from Big Bend to Weeping Rock! That's crazy talk...
It was awesome, but we were a little jelly-legged. Crepes were good, but not as good as cinnamon rolls at River Rock. Feeling good now...let's see how well I can sit in hard seats tomorrow at Common Core.

Friday, July 26, 2013

What a difference a year makes! (maybe not entirely in a good way)

I was inspired to post due to a sudden summer monsoon storm (is that redundant?). There is thunder, lightning (some pretty close), HAIL, and lots of water. As I was sweeping up from the 3-dog-week, I looked around to see how the girls were reacting. Sarah was pouting from Sienna leaving,
and a little afraid of the big houseshakers (she is currently sitting on my foot after attempting to climb into my lap on the couch). This is nothing compared to Sadie's previous behavior during storms.
She tried to claw her way into the garage.     
Can you read the terror in those claw marks?

Right now, she is curled up on the bean bag...oblivious.That's what deafness will do for ya!

News of the past 3 weeks?
White Family Camping trip - up to Navajo Lake. Bad news for some of was deerfly? week. I still look like someone burned me with cigarette butts from the knees down. Andy swelled - 1 hand, opposite foot. Andy, Justin, and the girls went spelunking in the lava tubes...

Whites & Brights at Zion - we did a Ride with a Ranger (thanks Ranger Eleanor), Junior Ranger books, the Temple of Sinawava, and a jaunt to the Springdale dog park.

Cooling off in the river after our hike!
Whites & Kloppings in Zion - another round of hiking fun - Angel's Landing! The kids did great, and Megan raced Andy out to the edge - daredevil!

Proud and victorious!
We just finished the July birthday week...Megan and Justin. Lots of good food and fun! Flash flood danger cancelled our 3rd (Andy & I) Narrows trip, but we can always reschedule.

I just finished 2 Tech Endorsement classes - Schoology and Grant Writing. Now, I don't mind writing (I do blog, obviously), but I dread having to write grants every year to keep my public ed 6th grade job. Oh well!

Flood waters from the storm!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Tempest Meisel White - R.I.P.

Tempest was at the point where she was not eating at all. She had been sleeping here for 2 days.

Laundry room ...she was close to everything,
and we moved down her food and water.

When she couldn't get up to walk this morning, we decided that she shouldn't have to suffer any more. Dr. Boyter at Washington Family Vet was amazing. She examined Tempest (who would NOT have been that sweet had she felt better) and said we had made the right call. She dropped 2 pounds in 2 months (exactly 2 months)...and Tempest was not big to begin with! It was really fast. We are having her cremated, and then we will join her ashes with her 2 orange brothers' ashes. We're thinking we'll find a pretty spot to spread those together.
Tempest 7/8/1996 - 7/6/2013
Rest in Peace