Wednesday, September 14, 2011

8 Days and counting...

I thought I was tired before? HA!  Just as we were settling in to a "normal" routine, life up and happens again...

Andy has been in Colorado for a week now, hangin' with the family (there's more to it, but we don't do laundry here :) Anyway, he's being Uncle Andy and chillin' with Justin when he's not at work. MB is there to provide maternal influence. Evidently the girls are doing well in the new school year, and things are as positive as can be expected!

I am (at this very moment) surrounded by SIX (yes, 6) dogs. Sarah, Sadie, Gus & Rebel, Mojo & Gracie... it will be VERY QUIET when the number drops.  Diane got a chance to paddle from Glen Canyon dam to Lee's Ferry, so I said, "the more the merrier!"  And of course, we had bad weather move in. So they stayed inside today, which was good for me because I had to come straight home. It's possible Gus and Rebel could be leaving us in less than a month! Abby's doing so well, they may be home (STG) the beginning of October - can you imagine? Heart transplant 7/12 and home (5 hours from major hospital) in 3 months?

I take my husband for granted... I'm still NOT a morning person. He helps me so much in the mornings! And since I can't function for myself in the am, I've taken to setting up as much as possible the night before. Even when I try, I am not getting to bed before 11pm, and usually not getting to sleep before 12, and getting up at 5:15. It's just not enough sleepy time.

School is going pretty well, though. I still love all my kids...yes, even 6th period. End of the day, 21 boys to 8 girls, tween craziness. Yep, I love 'em.  Hard to get back in the Language Arts swing, and I hate having to justify my effectiveness by creating my own job description when it comes to GT, but we do what we gotta do, right?
Love you guys...gotta go grade. I'm aiming for a 9 pm bedtime!