Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summer Vacation...

Hi! I'm taking some of our precious week off to let you in on the "haps" at our house... Yes, you read correctly, the WEEK we have off. Andy starts summer school on Monday - for 6 weeks. We'll have about 13 days between when he finishes and I start back. We're hoping to explore Yellowstone and the surrounding area during that time. Since Friday, we had the Brethours visit (see pics)

and dinner with friends, fighting about whose tv shows to watch, and naps! We are heading out on a camping trip with friends this weekend out to Toroweap Point (North Rim of the Grand Canyon). Sarah's REALLY excited...our friends have friends of hers.

Anyway, I'll post pictures when we get back... I will be going to do some work at school and take a class, but mostly I'm hoping to get a GINORMOUS amount of books read this summer. Take care, and hope you aren't itchy....yes, I have cedar gnat scars again!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Hello, yes, I have converted Andy to an American Idol watcher. I LOVE Adam. I thought that the top 4 were all very talented, but Adam definitely deserves to win. Enough there...

We had a blast in California! Sarah loves that Grammie has her own "pond"...

Holly showed her the ropes. Holly was very patient in sharing her favorite USC toy at first... but then she decided that Sarah needed to get her own ball.

We cooked and relaxed and Mary made FLAN!!!! She's the best.

I've got 8 days left of school...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

How lucky we are...

I know, 6 weeks with no news, and now 2 in a row! But Andy and I have had an amazing weekend. Yesterday morning we went to a funeral for a friend's grandmother. It was overwhelming to see the whole family there, to hear their stories about such a great lady, and we have been lucky enough to feel included in their family for the last few years. She was a great example, working for the community and loving her family.

Then yesterday afternoon we went to a neighborhood Kentucky Derby party. We had a great time getting to know some of our local "outcasts" a little better. I won the loser's pool - yeah, Flying Private!

This morning we attended a Blessing for Nikki's little boy (see Rockin' Richins blog). It was very moving to watch and listen to the amount of love they have for Cole. After we left the service, Andy and I went for breakfast. We were talking about how lucky we are to have met so many people who are just doing the best that they can, as individuals, as families, and as friends. We are so lucky!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

We've been busy...

Well, hello again! It's been a really busy 6 weeks. Andy finished his EMT class and took his state tests for certification. We have an EMT in the immediate family. He wants to take the intermediate course next. Then came all his end of the semester projects, papers, and tests. He just finished his last final on Tuesday. So far, so good! And we had our 13th annual Chili Cook Off fundraiser for the Smithsonian Volunteer Fire Department - won 3rd place for the Revenge of the Mother-in-Law chili...even got a trophy!
My principal is retiring, and with all of the budget crunches, we've had tons of insecurity with programs and schedules. Hopefully, my assistant principal will get the job...that will settle some things down. One of our PE coaches has struggled with cancer and is really involved with the American Cancer Society. She organized a fundraiser that was 6th grade against 7th grade, with the "losing" set of teachers taking a pie in the face. With 24 hours to go, I thought we were going to pull it out, but I think the 7th grade teachers sunk our battleship on the last day. It was all in good fun, and Andy came to take pictures. It's a 24 hour walk/relay with people camping out, kids and dogs walking the track as well. We think next year we'll go and stay overnight - it looks like a blast!
So, I still have 3 weeks left. If the flu closes our schools, we're going online. They've told us to have lesson plans ready and be able to work from home. Luckily for me, I've got the blog all set up where I can post lessons and activities. The last day of school is the 22nd. Then the Brethours (see picture of Logan to the right) will come for Memorial Day weekend. Andy starts summer school on June 1. Logan and Ivy will come for a week in July, and then when summer school ends, hopefully we'll go camping for a couple of weeks. Whew!