Wednesday, June 24, 2009

So far, summer good...

Well, we've been truckin' right along on the summer to do list: Andy's classes (check), my summer reading (check), at least one camping trip so far (check), all the requisite meetings and appointments (check). The only thing on the list that has not been accomplished is the closet completion... I need to paint and then put everything back. Sarah and I went to the dog park in Springdale today so that she could swim. She's been so DEPRESSED all week because her friends Mojo and Gracie went camping. You think a bored kid is a pain... at least they speak the same language. Logan and Ivy are coming to visit Dog Cousin Sarah and Uncle Andy next week (I get to chauffeur and chaperone)... we are all VERY excited. I'm thinking that a LOT of baking will get done, and we will probably do a little community service for the town that will include green paint and large tshirts.Andy and I have also seen quite a few movies in the last 2 months (probably more than we've seen in the last few years - in the theaters, we've been "busy"). The new STAR TREK was great...neither of us were trekkies, but it tied in all the old good stuff. We enjoyed the new Terminator (so did MB - I sense another Christmas classic).
The new Night at the Museum was good, but not better than the original. We are psyched for the new Harry Potter in July! It's a harmless diversion, and doesn't require going into St. George (yeah Coral Cliffs Cinema 8!). Plus, it's an excuse for Dairy Queen, who doesn't love that???

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cramming it all in...

Happy Flag Day! Andy had fire training this morning, so I spent the AM cleaning out email and catching up on things...yes, the chain emails are from me. It's been an exhausting couple of weeks of workshops and classes for me. I'm done for the summer though, except for research on my own. Now I've got to get ready for Logan and Ivy's visit...planning fun but not too taxing activities for a 4 and 6 year old is tough!

Anyway, I found some cool pictures hiding on old emails... check out the Meisel/White Family Shot and the Compatible Dyad (not a twosome, but still great) and some pictures of how Sarah spends her time. That's Diane's fountain and Gracie with her... I'm deliberately ignoring the picture of the scorpion Diane sent us. I've seen a tarantula near the garage... and Andy says the neighbor mentioned a rattlesnake in his chicken coop.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Camping at Tuweep

We met Dee and Steve at the Chevron (there's only one folks...) and drove out a long dirt road to Toroweap Point. There is a scenic day use area and Tuweep Campground. We got the "best" campsite...kind of all to ourselves. They have very nice composting latrines out there...relatively un-smelly:) We traveled out Thursday afternoon and then set up camp. Then Friday, we lazed around and Steve took Andy and I out to Toroweap Point (see pics over the edge). Saturday, Steve, Andy, and I hiked east toward the "Grand Canyon" (it's all the canyon, but toward the North Rim area) to look for Steve's Grandpa's old mine. We found some cool stuff...of course, we hadn't taken the camera, because we didn't know if/how wet we might get. There were clouds and storms on and off...great camping/hiking weather. We came home Sunday and "vegged".

Andy started his summer school classes, and I am taking a class that someone else was signed up for originally. But my trainer is Mary Matheson, who used to be the instructional specialist at Cheyenne Elementary before I taught there...small world!