Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Monday, July 21, 2014

Sarah - The (Song-length) Movie


I was taking a video production class for my technology endorsement today. On either side of me, my teammates were doing adorable movies of their children...and it turns out most of the non-student photos in my Google were of Sarah - go figure. So here's her first movie...

So, Andy is in the final countdown - 9 months and counting. He finished both summer school classes and one of his two state tests successfully. He will have a couple of weeks to bum around or keep himself busy, just as I have to head back to the classroom.

Andy went rappelling into Keyhole (in Zion - looks like Subway) with Megan, Jocey, and her brother, AJ. They had a blast. Now we need to find a time for me to go!

I am excited to get back to the classroom - I find myself craving the structure after a while! Definitely hoping that it will be a calm year, with a prep, and time to keep exercising...