Thursday, June 17, 2010

Look Mommy!

(This MAY make showering easier...) Ivy's NOT actually dead, she's showing off her new face-in-the-water skills. Of course, she did call for a towel to wipe her face the first time - that didn't happen, so then it passed. We went to the Moore's for a swim and barbecue...thanks for sharing the awesome pool and tramp! Glad we could help you pop some springs.

So far this week...
1) Park with Uncle Andy and McDonald's!
2) Making yummy chocolate chip cookies
3) Seeing Shrek 4 -Rumplestiltskin is scary :(
4) Playing with Jocelyn - who had her tonsils out on Tuesday morning, but is up and around already
5) Library, picnic, and Hurricane pool - they really want to try the diving board, but the lifeguards won't let them with the lifevests on (long story, but funny!)
6) Dog park, Jimmy John's, and water park
7) Rice Crispy treats (another Ivy specialty) and hangin' at the Moore's...

and I'm leaving out the reading, hide and seek, fine art sessions, Chutes and Ladders (Chinese checkers wasn't so hot), card games, and ....

We're headed off for Great Basin and Lehman Cave. We'll check back in with more photos next week!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer's Here

The weather has been really warm lately. I think it was like the coldest May in years, but it perked right up in the last week. We may be close to the end of "cedar gnat" season, so I'll be able to go outdoors without getting eaten alive. Speaking of eaten alive and skin, what's with pool chemicals? I have been every day for water aerobics (except Monday when i had a class that started at 8)...even without Nikki (this is big news for people who knew me when). Andy's even decided to change his morning schedule so I can go when the kids are here...not sure if I'm going to be thanking him for that. I am SO sore - Andrea's not running a class for chatters and wimps. (Speaking of Andrea, check out my blog list - she's starting a new photo biz and she's pretty good!) We do "normal" stuff Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, then "noodle" work on Tuesdays and Thursdays (one day shallow, one day deep). Noodle resistance is no laughing matter!
We went to Apple Valley, CA over the weekend for MB's retirement shindig - very nice! Caught up with many people, put faces with names we've heard for years, and Andy took TONS of pics. Angie (Simoneschi) Moore went with us, very forgiving of her canine companions in the backseat. I can't believe MB's retired... I can't even imagine it myself, but she's excited for the freedom - can't blame her. Here's some photos:

Did you recognize Janis (retiring w/MB - of course) and Donna in the first picture? The gals were truly roasted and honored by old friends and colleagues... Look how amazing Mary Pat looks? She was very nice to the ladies in her speech, and we enjoyed catching up.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

OMG, It's June...

People, where does the time go????? Well, school's out for me, in for Andy (summer math - yech). I have officially begun water aerobics (already counting the days I "can't" go, but I did enjoy it...) and the gnats have begun their relentless assault on my tasty person (I have calamine lotion all over). Andy put in some more can actually see across our spacious garage now - and we have 2 cars in it (usually). And how tidy is that workbench?

We had a less than successful camping trip over the weekend. I mean, seriously, how many trips have we taken? To have forgotten the sleeping bags only 2 times is pretty darn good...of course, when you're less than 80 miles from home, you pack up and sleep warm in your own bed. But, we found good dirt roads, good hikes, and good camping spots for the future.

So now, it's on to the "dog days".... that's what happens at my house anyway (see exhibits below).

Plans include: 2 classes with WCSD (techie stuff), water aerobics (as faithfully as possible), hopefully working 3 days ($100 a day?!), Logan and Ivy time (2 weeks, Kate must trust me!), MB retirement party (next weekend), MB and Megan and Madison and Justin time, bike rides, practice hikes (want to do Havasupai in October), AND reading some classics (book club will be combined with water aerobics - thanks Nikki!). And of course, I'm trying to convince Andy to trek through the Midwest for the "Grandparent Loop" the end of July... we'll see (gas, please stay reasonable). Sheesh! I'm exhausted just thinking about all of it... guess I'll go have lunch and dust.

If you didn't already know, Mom and Dad will have their 40th anniversary this month... I know this picture is 2 years old, but dontcha know they're still this happy!