Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What's new??? Here ya go...

I'm jealous of just how focused Andy is...when I think he's completely psycho, he takes it to a whole new level. He's SOOOO disciplined - which is why he adores so many of my friends, but married me evidently. Someone's got to be the slacker :) He goes to class or studies for class, and he's ditching me for Carrie's wedding, but I'm awfully proud of him.

I've been "tagged" by my buddy (or she used to be), Caron. We taught together at DeMiguel in Flagstaff for a year. So the 6th photo in the 6th photo folder and explain it? I hope it's decent, or at least PG 13. Lucky me... I had some trouble with the directions, since the first bunch of photos are really singles that I downloaded from other places. This was the 6th folder with at least 6 photos in it... Anyway, it's a cool sunset shot from Apple Valley, UT. We get great ones a lot. Enjoy! I'm tagging the Schurings, Bells, and Brittani...

I got back Sunday from a great dames' weekend. We had a blast...it was very tame - for the most part. Here's a shot of a bunch of us hanging out in the kitchen.

I'm off to Carrie Master's wedding in Phoenix this weekend. Sarah will just have to remind Andy to go to bed while I'm gone.

In other news... I am really proud of Sarah. We went walking today around the neighborhood, and since she was the ONLY one with a leash, I let her off. Talk about possible panic attacks, but like any other kid who's been well-trained (don't laugh!), she did awesome, coming when I called and staying out of people's yards (treats and previous walks help). We've been walking at least 3 times a week lately - good for me! And Mom taught me how to knit...did I already mention that? Here's my first 2 products...one's a slightly-too-big dishrag and the other is a great scarf, dark green and soft!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Stuff I'm Thinking About Now...NFL, Twilight, Politics (in that order)

1. YEAH, Cardinals! So, Andy and I went to Vegas for Superbowl weekend like 5 years in a row with Deron and Shelly (PARTY!). But, we haven't been the last 3 years... :( In addition, when we moved to Arizona (1995 - scary, huh?) we became Cardinal fans. We figure if you have a local team, you should support it! Now that we've moved to Utah, they start winning???? We can still claim them, though, because Utah doesn't have an NFL team. So Sunday, Andy and I watched both games, and celebrated when the Cardinals won. I love that they have struggled and struggled, had so many promising players pass through the team (most of them going on to glory elsewhere),and gone through so many coaches, but PERSEVERED!

2. Twilight - I know it's wrong, but I'm obsessed. Okay, maybe not as much as some people, but for me to be obsessed is a big deal...there's always another book out there, another movie coming out. I just feel empty now that I've finished reading the books again and the movie doesn't come out until MAR. 21...special order your advanced copies, folks! Also, I check almost DAILY to see if she's restarted Midnight Sun... I told you, it's sick, but at least I know that I have a problem.

3. Political - I've been wondering if adding my personal thoughts here would upset those people who just tune in for the family photos. I'm not trying to wax poetic or sound existential (that's Andy's job, anyway), but occasionally, I have a lot in here that needs to come out. The news coverage, especially today (1/19) is upsetting me...if we were truly over this huge hurdle, would we need to make a big deal out of the fact that America elected Barak Obama? Can we handle the truth that most white people are assuaging some misplaced guilt and being self-congratulatory? Or that the people of color in this country are waiting for a big upheaval to "even the playing field"? What about the political reality that a president and party who was anything but neutral had engendered such strong feelings that whether the public liked the new candidate or not, the country was going the OPPOSITE DIRECTION just to be that way? Seriously, did anyone NOT think that the Democrats were going to win? Are we truly that blind to history?

Friday, January 9, 2009

The "Other" White Family

While Andy and I were frollicking in the snow, MaryBeth (aka MB or MBMom) traveled to Colorado for Christmas. She spent 2 fun-filled weeks with Justin, Tammie, Megan, and Madison, also soon joined by Jiggles the Cat. Here are some photos of the fam... Megan and Jiggles Justin and Maddie, and the group shot (w/us) was from Thanksgiving - go Tammie!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What do you do with extra pictures?

So I loaded the pictures on the home computer tonight. Evidently, my snap happy fingers (and Andy's) took 205 pictures on our family vacation. Now, I realize that probably not even one of them will make a Time magazine picture of the year, but still. So I'm sticking a couple of shots in this post...

Newest family skiiers...see the resemblance?

We love the snow plow guy!

Snowball fight...fair or unfair?

Happy New Year!

Can it really be 2009? I only had to fix 3 checks when I wrote the bills the other day. Let's review the State of the White Household:
1) Sarah is the boss...anyone who says differently hasn't been here lately.
2) Krista "thinks" she's the boss...according to everyone who isn't Krista.
3) Andy shirks from titles...he's busy.
4) Tempest - she's the cat, need we say more?

Krista is teaching, knitting, and reading.
Andy is studying, going to class, more class, and studying.
Sarah is pouting in the morning and playing with her pack in the afternoons.
Tempest keeps the spot on the bed and the ottoman in front of the fireplace warm.

Other part-time family members:
Mojo and Gracie (Sarah's pack)