Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snowblind in February in Southern UT

Hee-hee... okay, not quite COMPLETELY white, but still pretty hard to look at. Just 48 hours ago, it was clear and cool, with a light breeze. You could really tell spring was coming! Then, it started to rain, and snow, and rain again, and snow again.

Now, it's starting to melt. Good news, ground should be moist, spring should be green. Bad news, mud will be prevalent!

Done a lot in the last 6 weeks since I posted...went out on a scouting trip for natural springs in the AZ strip (go to Mesquite and turn east).

It was fun, with lots of hiking. Had my first taste of fried pickles!
For my birthday, went on another BIG hike over toward Snow Canyon State Park and got to have fried pickles again!

I should explain about the fried pickles. In August 2008, Andy flew out to Houston to get the Toyota from my parents. They took him out for fried pickles. I have been obsessed since then... Andy found out that a new burger joint (Smashburger) had fried pickles. THEY ARE SOOOOO GOOD. Of course, you have to hike at least 5 miles to have a couple fried pickle slices, but seriously, so worth it!

Also, should mention a big thanks for all the birthday wishes. I did not quite make my weight goal of 38 pounds by my 38th birthday, but am still working on it. It's always those last 15 pounds that don't want to fall off, huh? ( I know, fried pickles, but a girl's got to have some rewards occasionally :) )
Andy completely spoiled me...on top of the hike and pickles, he sent flowers to school AND bought me a nook color! I love it, but it offers yet another distraction from housework once the schoolwork is done. Sigh....