Tuesday, February 17, 2009


1) to change things...obviously!
2) The Cutest Blog on the Block - this background rocks!
3) Andy
4) Sarah
5) Krispy Kreme (although I haven't had one in 4 years - once you've had them hot, you can't go back)
6) Carraba's - did I mention that there's one right near our old house in Surprise?
7) Life is Good - anything!
8) random thoughts...
9) my birthday gifts - 2 iTunes cards (thanks!!!), a Kohl's gift card, checks, and a sunflower quilted wall hanging from Mom
10) Birthdays should ALWAYS be on a Saturday...sleeping in, breakfast in bed, lounging!

Things in my head: 32 days to Twilight movie on DVD, lovin' Idol so far this year, can't wait to iTunes shop, using the public library to get books on CD (very retro, yes?), EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS, people! I know, you all didn't move to UT, but seriously...have a plan, get some food storage, and be ready just in case. Especially you city folk! Check out the site in the list...

Monday, February 9, 2009

I am seriously conflicted...

and no, it's not about my 36th birthday. I realize that for some people the ticking of the clock is a big deal. But honestly, it just doesn't occur to me that I'm getting "older". I have a theory that it's because I don't have kids of my own...it's like living in a time warp.
Sarah on a 4 x 4 trip
Maybe Sarah will change that. My mom had a birthday over the weekend, and although the number may be getting bigger, I don't see her that differently than 15 years ago. Maybe it's just me...

The birthday girl (Mom) and Dad at the Texas Renaissance Festival 2006
Anyway...my conflict is over this whole Facebook/MySpace thing. People - I am a teacher - and while I may not be the most popular teacher (I wasn't the most popular student, either), there are just ways and things that my students DON'T need to know about me. I have issues about people "searching" for me...and I don't want to end up spending even more time declining "friend" requests like the spam in my email box. (no, I'm not saying that people are looking for me, just that garbage happens wherever you go...) But now MB has joined Facebook!!!! This is getting to be just toooooooo much!

Lower Calf Creek Falls...gorgeous and totally worth the hike!
I can't not post pictures, so here are some previously unposted...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What I Did Last Weekend by Sarah Bella

Mom said, "Let's go to Phoenix to meet some new friends!" So I jumped in the car...after I got my feet washed. Mom drove 6 hours down to Phoenix - thank goodness it was January! We got to a nice lady named Doris' house late Friday night. I met Scotty (see the pictures), who seemed nice enough, and he had a BIG backyard. Then Saturday morning Mom, Doris, Scotty, and I took a walk around the neighborhood. LOTS of new smells - I had a good time. Then Mom and Doris left us ALONE for about 3 hours at Doris' house. We were good, of course. Then they came home, gave us supper, let us outside for a minute, and left us AGAIN! I just had to tear into a box of kleenex! When we got up Sunday morning, Mom and Doris had breakfast, then Bill and Carol came over. They told me how pretty I was, and while the humans sat around, I chased bunnies and quail all around the backyard. Then Mom said we had to go home because Dad missed me so much that he hadn't slept, just studied until his eyes matched his hair. On the way home, we stopped and I met Ella and Stoli, who belong to this nice family called the Jacksons, who ALSO have a nice yard. We played for about an hour, then Mom said we really had to get home. I was REALLY good (except for the box of kleenex) all weekend. Mom got me a new Quiet Spot Tag Silencer...it's purple and matched my collar. That's all for now!