Sunday, February 16, 2014

I know....I know, but check out Sarah's Blog!

Hello! I know that I've been so bad at updating lately. We've been busy! There's been a lot happening, both at work and at home. Pretty much right now, everything's focused on Sarah. If you want more details, read her blog here. I just updated 5 1/2 years in the last 24 hours.

I know that people think I'm a little nuts about her, but she is our baby. My principal (an animal lover herself), told me the other day that not many people would take their 3 days of personal leave for their dog...probably true, but I don't think the district would let me take FMLA...ha! (have you ever done that paperwork - nightmare!)

Anyway, we are plugging along. Andy's doing great in school...we are almost in a 12 month countdown. This time next year, he'll be student teaching and then WATCH OUT world!

I'm still going a little nuts with 3 2-period classes each day, and really trying to make my HAL class worth my students' time. I may be teaching a class for the GT (gifted & talented) endorsement next year - EEEK!

We do miss you...I have joined the social media world (mostly as a teacher) so I have a Facebook and Twitter account. If you are a reader, I highly suggest that you open a goodreads account, and we can be book friends!

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