Sunday, October 13, 2013

A new season...

It's been 2 1/2 months since we spoke last...things have been clicking along fairly well. We are just pretty busy. We tried to make a concerted effort at balance - which means fitting in exercise, fun time, cleaning, and relaxing around our work. We did a pretty good job for a few weeks, then things got we'll try to re-establish a routine after my fall break.

Exciting events of the past few months:

  • I got a road bike...and I try to ride with some faculty members on Thursday afternoons.
This is kind of what it looks like...flat bars instead of the traditional rounded ones.
Mine does have a rack on the back so that I could carry a basket or pack...
  • Andy's supposedly "easier" schedule - NOT so much.
  • Car repairs/maintenance - although we are putting a new stereo in the Xterra so that I don't have to wear my headphones to listen to my ipod while driving.
  • LOTS of rain for about 3 weeks...our humidity was between 40% and 50%  - this was like 10 times the normal amount of humidity. We all felt it...the people, the mosquitoes, the wooden doors and such.
  • super-cleaned the house for Mom & Dad's visit, then the washing machine broke and flooded right before they got here.
  • NEW washing machine...took our hiking time/movie time/visit to Springdale time, but very pretty.
  • Mom and Dad got to hear me sing for the first time since high school - they made a Lieto concert last night. I was very proud, and my Lieto family was very welcoming!
  • No prep - we had over 100 additional students register at our school this August, so I volunteered to "sell" my prep...essentially, it means I teach all day with no break (except my 25 minute lunch). In some ways it's harder, but it means I don't have to share a class with another teacher, so in some ways it's easier.
Here's the back wall of my the bookshelves...still need more!
  • Sarah will be 6 next week. 
I can't believe that my baby is that old...and that she may be my last baby for a while. Everyone keeps talking to me about how we can't go abroad (eventually) if we have an animal. It just makes me sad to think of not having a puppy again. We'll see....

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